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Citrus’ vision is of a flourishing creative community rooted in the collaborative ethos of the travelling circus.

We use the travelling circus model as a template for the best kind of creative community life, where hard work and team endeavours are valued, creativity is part of everyday life, ‘ordinary’ people are the artists and looking after each other is central. Citrus’ mission is to reconnect our community, eroded over decades by loss of industry, uniting us in common social goals using hands-on, practical skills and ethos of circus and outdoor arts life. It’s to nurture citizenship and kindness in our neighbourhood by igniting creativity. It’s to connect our community to self, to each other and to the land through getting everyone outside and hosting spectacular shared experiences.

  • We train 16-30 year olds not in education, employment or training in outdoor arts technical skills, giving them meaningful employment opportunities they can be proud to be part off.
  • We run subsidised circus classes for 3-18 year olds to improve physical and mental health and fitness as well as to explore their own creativity and artistry
  • We're about to launch Rage Rage, a regular creative programme that pushes the boundaries of older people and cultural activity for the 60+s
  • There's a stream of creative and citizenship based community activity at Hopkinstown Hall including workshops, talks and screenings, including NTLives
  • A partnership with the volunteers of our local Great Western Colliery Winding House site to mark Hopkinstown as the outdoor arts creation space for the Valleys by exploring how retired engineers and a circus company can work together for the whole community's creativityOur values:

Responsibility; looking after the people we work with and our neighbours and community. We listen and ask questions. We aim to leave every space better than we found it. We care about the environment and always consider the impact of our work. 
Determination: working hard and not giving up just because things get tough. We support our neighbours when there are floods or pandemics. We utilise every opportunity fro Hopkinstown Hall to be a valuable resource or a safe space for local people.
Flair; imbuing everything with a sense of artistry, showmanship, creativity and joy.               

What your gift could provide


Pays for one child or young person have fun & learn new skills at a Citrus circus class.


Pays for one 16-25 year old to participate in our unique outdoor arts technical training for 1 day


Buys kit for one of our Artworkers to be ready for paid work; a DBS, steel toe boots and basic tools

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