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Clackmannan District Brass Band was formed in 1991 from the amalgamation of Alloa Burgh and Alva Town Brass Bands.

Clackmannan District Brass is a charitable organisation consisting of four bands with approximately 80 members in total - they are:

Clackmannan District Brass Band

Clackmannan District Brass Youth & Development Band

Clackmannan District Brass Beginners Band

Clackmannan District Brass Ensemble.

As an organisation we aim to promote the advancement of the arts and culture within the community through:

a) the practice and performance of music on a communal and amateur basis

b) the education of members of the band in music techniques

c) the provision of a community service by the public performance of music

We strive to continue the long history of brass bands in the Clackmannanshire area by the encouragement and development of new players of any age.

We are a diverse and inclusive organisation. Welcoming enquiries from all about becoming a member.

Check out our website to learn more about each band

We also have a You tube channel where you see us in action!

Registered Charity Number: SC043335  

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Waterproof jacket


1 months running costs for our facilities


to replace an instrument

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