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Contact has been serving the community since 1968 in one form or another. Birthed to provided much needed services to those who have been affected by mental ill-health or their carers.  We provide Free Counselling and therapeutic activities, designed to help stimulate emotions, skills, motivation or to simply allow the individual to come to a relaxing session. We host a coffee den, where you can meet up with other members for a chat or the Contact Cafe for a health low cost lunch.  We do run a membership for all of our activities, including the use of a caravan at Haggerston Castle at low cost.

Why the community needs usThe majority of the mental health services in South East Northumberland are there to provide extremely valuable services to all who access them.  We are a little bit unique as we are offer the services as well as the social side. We are the only drop in centre in South East Northumberland of this type and once the lockdown etc lifts, it will be a haven for our members and new members to communicate, to chill and relax, in a room where nobody judges.Our impact on the community
We have a very positive impact on the community by providing our unique services to those in need, to provide volunteer opportunities for those wanting to return to the employment market and we provide relaxing social events, to help with stress and anxiety...... plus sooo much more 

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Pays for a fortnight of coffee and tea for coffee den


Pays for training for approximately three volunteers

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