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Cornwall’s Climate Stories is a series of documentaries highlighting the current and future impacts of climate change across Cornwall, focusing on specific themes ranging from housing, transport and fishing to energy, health and farming.

If we’re to have a chance of staying within safe climate limits then all of us will have to be on board. We’re passionate about doing our part to make that happen.

The series, being produced over the next three years, will also showcase some possible visions of a surprisingly different future - with beavers being used to re-engineer Cornish rivers and prevent flooding, hydrogen fuel being made from offshore wind power, cattle slurry turned into eco-diesel and our fields growing new crops like sunflowers and sweet potatoes.

Each 30-minute episode of Cornwall's Climate Stories takes four months to complete and costs up to £20,000 for the full production plus creation of educational materials. 

We plan to screen the films at schools, colleges and community events the length and breadth of the county and further afield, as well as online, to instill a feeling of motivation, engagement and pride in how Cornwall’s natural resources and ingenuity could make us a great example for the rest of the UK to follow on the critical journey to a low carbon future.

Please visit our website to watch our films and read more about the project: 

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