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The Cambridge Road Estates Community Group (CREst) aims to represent & express the views of residents living on the Cambridge Road Estates and surrounding area & wherever possible work towards improving their quality of life. We frequently fund & organise events and activities aimed at encouraging community spirit and work in partnership with statutory bodies to make health & wellbeing advice more easliy accessible. One of our key tools is a quartley self funded Newsletter and website.

Why the community needs us

The Cambridge Road Estates are listed nationally as in the top 2% area of deprivation with an estimated refugee population of 38%. One of CREst's key aims is to find ways to keep residents up to date on the activities & advice that is on offer to them. We strive to do this through our quarterly Newsletter, website and social activities such as coach trips, Christmas Gala, an annual Fun Day and holiday activities for children.

Our impact on the community

CREst have become a group that is respected by both our residents and local statutory bodies. This has frequently enabled us to make changes for the better where other agencies might have trouble. Our Management Committee has become a forum where residents, local Councillors and representatives from key local bodies interact in ways that were not previously possible. Through working in partnership in this way we have reduced duplicated effort and helped arrange events not possible before.

What your gift could provide


A coach trip for local OAPs


A summer play scheme for local children


Community Chrsitmas tree and lights

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