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DS enables PWLD to be active and visible citizens and provides fantastic opportunities that increase health and well-being. DS's inclusive dance workshops, focus upon our dance leaders' with learning disabilities leading delivery but is supported by a professionally trained counterpart. DS workshops can be enjoyed by all, irrespective of age or ability. We create fun and meaningful activities that increase the life chances of PWLD yet, stimulate community cohesion through inclusive approaches.

Why the community needs us

The workshops DS provide to young people and adults with learning disabilities are ground-breaking, helping to build the person's confidence and providing great social, health and well-being outcomes. Participants come away with more belief in their own abilities. Seeing Dance Leaders with a learning disability can only inspire the person to see what they can achieve. There is a definite need for organisations like DanceSyndrome in the community" Quote: Adult LD Team, Lancashire Care NHS Trust

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Provide one DanceSyndrome lesson for a new participant


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Pays for one workshop in a local community

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