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DASH (Disabilities and Self Help) is a well-respected local registered charity working in rural Ceredigion, West Wales. Set up 40 years ago by a small number of parents of disabled children and young people it offers social, leisure and support opportunities to children whilst providing much needed respite to families. DASH offers a unique provision in Ceredigion in the form of local schemes that are appropriate, affordable and accessible.

Why the community needs us

DASH schemes aim to provide opportunities for fun and friendship for children and young people with a disability. At the same time parents and carers as well as other family members can have a break from caring knowing their young people are having fun in a safe and caring environment.

Our impact on the community

During 2017-18 DASH supported more than 159 children and young people, and their families. 100% of children and young people said they enjoyed their time at DASH saying it made them feel good about themselves. 100% of parents/carers reported they had a break from caring thanks to DASH. "DASH is my lifeline. I can't imagine my life without it" said one parent. Another commented "DASH is fantastic. Difficulties at home meant the boys went every day. They loved it and want the same next year!

What your gift could provide


could provide a ball for a child at playschemes.


pays for a child to attend an activity such as swimming or cooking.


pays for a child to attend a session of DASHAbout Frendz

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