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We are a small charity who help women at the most vulnerable times of their lives. Our staff and volunteers go above and beyond to provide as much support as humanly possible. By doing this the knock on effect is massive as it not only supports and empowers the women themselves it also provides the much needed support to the family/children/friends who by default are affected by this situation.

Our aims are to empower women to become more independent thus having a positive impact on themselves and their friends and family. We do this by helping to improve their mental health & wellbeing (the vulnerable women in our society).

We facilitate personal development, aim to reduce loneliness and isolation, support women facing Domestic Violence/abuse and help to reduce financial inequalities. We do this through counselling, therapies, support groups, courses and workshops and legal support. We also work with external organisations to ensure that support is provided if we don't specialise in certain areas such as, debt, benefits and housing.

As a womens organistion we listen to our service users and provide the services they feel they need to enhance their daily lives both at home and in society.  We support them through educational programs, training and development to become work ready.

We work with all age groups from 18 upwards and support the younger children through other agencies.
By working collaboratively we support the family as a whole and ultimately benefitting the whole community.

Why the community needs us
Women are able to receive support in a friendly, relaxed and non-judgemental environment. Our predominantly female-only environment means that even the most vulnerable of our service users can feel safe and comfortable. Our holistic approach to support means that women can access multiple services and activities under the same roof if their situation requires this.

Our impact on the community
We support 500+ women in the average year to work through issues such as domestic violence, depression, anxiety, low confidence, financial problems and isolation. We work with other agencies by either taking or making referrals for example; Womens Aid, Police, Derby City Council, Refuge, Adult Social Services and many others. We do this so we can try to provide a full wrap around service to the vulnerable women who access our services

What your gift could provide


1 counselling session


1 hour support for Domestic Violence


3 hour Freedom Programme session for victims of Domestic Violence

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