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We are Divine Days Community CIC, a not for profit community interest company. For ten years we have been helping vulnerable people in our community to find their voice, by tackling the health inequalities experienced by children, young people, adults and their families, who have disabilities, complex needs, learning disabilities and/or neurodiversity. 

We help to develop, confidence, friendships, support and an enhanced sense of self worth via a comprehensive programme of creative, employment, and mental health support and activities. We have established a supportive community who share our aims and objectives, developing highly skilled and committed staff and volunteers.

At Divine Days Community, we care, and we provide a supportive, inclusive and accepting environment for the whole family. We have many opportunities we are not able to capitalise on due to a lack of resources or funding, as well as the need to grow our reach further, so we can be there for more people who need our support. Any amount makes a big difference, by contributing directly to one of our projects.

You can see more of what we do on our website, by clicking here.

Thank you in advance for your kindness,
Divine Days Community CIC.

What your gift could provide


Full Dance Uniform for a Child or Young Person


Critical suicide prevention support for 1 week


Coat, Shoes or Other Essential Uniform Item, for a SEND 16-24 accessing the world of work.

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