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DREAM is a group of people living with disabilities/impairments in the Leeds area who meet every Monday 1.30-3.30p.m. Our aims are the promotion of social inclusion among disabled people in Leeds, who may be socially excluded from society, or parts of society. In particular, but not exclusively, by providing a range of activities to disabled people which will enable them to gain confidence & participate in the community. We also provide information about services, support and other activities.

Why the community needs us
We provide weekly meetings for adults living with disabilities/impairments in NW Leeds. Disabled people with any disability including mental health needs benefit from accessing the group. The closure of Resource Centres means an increase in membership. In particular we have more members who have learning disabilities. We combat social isolation that some disabled people experience and provide the opportunity to try new activities in a safe environment which improves self esteem and health and wellbeing.

Our impact on the community
We have fun which improves our emotional health.Taking part in our activities will improve our physical health / wellbeing.We will be able to take part in activities that we otherwise would not have been able to gain access to. It will combat social isolation and encourage friendships to develop. It will show non disabled people that disabled people can take part in activities and persuade other disabled people that there is an opportunity to try new things and not be afraid of joining in. We can influence decisions made around issues that effect all community members, for example access to buildings and the layout of buildings and ensuring that everyone’s needs are met. 

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