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Durham Cathedral is one of the world's architectural treasures; a UNESCO World Heritage Site which has been a place of Christian worship and pilgrimage for 1,000 years. The Cathedral today is at the heart of a strong and vibrant community. Welcoming over 600,000 visitors each year, we continue to bring people together; connecting them to their faith, their history and each other.

Why the community needs us
We provide a safe, welcoming environment for all our visitors who come to be inspired, celebrate, remember, discover, pray and just simply be. We deliver a rich programme of events and activities for schools, young people, families and adults that help bring generations together. As we begin opening our doors after a 3 month-long closure, we are continuing to deliver some of the resources that we offered during lockdown which proved so helpful to our community, including online educational resources and pastoral support.

Our impact on the community
We want to continue to connect people to each other, helping them to grow stronger and more resilient through shared experiences, common beliefs and values, and a sense of shared history. This is perhaps more important now than ever, as we all emerge from lockdown and begin returning to normality. By making a donation, you can help us to continue to stand by our communities and provide inspiration for life’s journey. 
Thank you for your support. Please know that we are always with you. 

What your gift could provide


could provide a digital learning pack for KS2 children and their families


will contribute towards the costs of PPE and cleaning services at the Cathedral


could support a week of pastoral calls to members of the community

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