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Established in 2013, E.D.E.N. Film Productions is an independent video production company and an award-winning social enterprise based in Sheffield actively involved within the LGBTQ+ community, running free filmmaking workshops, events and screenings. Films produced on our filmmaking projects have been screened at film festivals around the world including BFI Flare, SQIFF and Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival. All our activities aim to further equality and tackle discrimination and inequality through the power of film as an educational and awareness raising medium.

For LGBT+ people I feel film is a vital component in connecting with others as well as allowing us to express ourselves and feel valid and seen.” – Project participant.

Our work provides a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community to connect and develop filmmaking skills to vocalise issues important to them, improving participants’ mental health and well-being, confidence, social interaction and career/networking progression/opportunities. Central to this, is the delivery of filmmaking workshops, covering storytelling techniques, video/sound recording and editing, with group discussions and feedback sessions, bringing the community together to create a safe, inclusive and supportive space.

The teaching/mentoring and the collaborative environment worked great together and formed a space where I felt comfortable and inspired to be creative. It’s been a wonderful and formative experience that has definitely enhanced my life both from improved mental health from having weekly meetings to enhancing technical skills that I can use in both personal and professional capacities – all while hanging out with lovely people!” – Project participant.

On many of our projects, participants are supported to either create their own short-film or work together to create a film as a group (including short-films and feature length films), often premiering at a community screening.

“Before E.D.E.N. Shorts I had very limited technical knowledge as a filmmaker – now, I’ve learned practical things that’ll enable me to shoot films both in-person and remotely. This in turn has heightened my confidence – both professionally and socially as I feel way more confident in my work.” - Project participant.

We have worked with a wide variety of clients across the charity and public sectors, education and corporate producing video content. We believe the stories we tell through filmmaking are important to educate and reach a wide audience. We produce documentaries, short films, training videos, event videography, animation and promos.   

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