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EGO is at the forefront of diverse theatre-making. We champion difference within the Arts, producing original, inclusive and creative work. Since 2006 we have produced over 75 original theatre performances and short films, a program of music, stand up comedy gigs and cabaret. We have created highly engaging and reputable work within schools, corporate sectors and local communities. And there is so much more to come.

Why the community needs us
EGO is a safe, affordable meeting place for people of all ages and abilities to develop their creative and life skills. Its unique programme of work is determined by its members. EGO offers a lively and nurturing alternative space in the city, for everyone. We aim to be at the forefront of inclusion - a company without boundaries where everyone matters and everyone is invited to contribute. It's a place to celebrate difference!

Our impact on the community
Since 2006 over 250,000 people have been involved with EGO as audiences, members and participants. Many of our members say EGO has changed their lives:
'EGO has enabled me to play piano for the first time in 12 years' 
'I now have confidence, it has helped me cope with my anxiety'
'EGO makes me believe in myself, to make a new family of friends and to show people what I can achieve' '99% of the things I've ever been proud of have been things I've done with EGO' 

What your gift could provide


could cover a volunteer's daily expenses


could provide an artist's sketchbook


could provide membership for someone who might not otherwise be able to attend

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