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We have a vision to build The Haven, a specialist play and respite facility in Inverness which is the gateway to the Highlands. It will provide much needed support to families who desperately require these facilities. We have land and architectural drawings - now we need the funds. The facility will be specially designed with full adaptations for a range of disabilities. It will cost around £4 million.

Why the community needs us

Parents and families will be hugely supported by this specialist facility. A place to play and grow up with friends and people who understand the needs of caring for those with a range of disabilities. There will be three respite flats available for hire with or without 'in house' care. We also plan to have a community coffee shop where local people can meet and be involved at whatever level they would choose. A community garden will also be developed for community use.

Our impact on the community

There are over 1600 disabled children in the Highlands. The centre will provide opportunities of support to children, teenagers, young adults and parents. Volunteering and job placements will also be available.

What your gift could provide


all funds goes to building this new centre


all funds goes to building this new centre


all funds goes to building this new centre

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