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Exim Dance's mission is to improve people's lives through dance. Our vision is to raise aspirations, celebrating and championing underrepresented and undervalued communities; through a person centred approach we seek to unite people using creativity to achieve life changing positive outcomes.
Inclusion is at the heart of our our work. Exim plays a vital role in supporting Plymouth’s cultural and community scene. We do this through our own work and through working in cross-sector partnerships with others at a local, regional and national level.

We champion community cohesion. The company works both as a youth referral & social prescribing service.

‘When I think of all the good that Exim does, I sometimes forget that you’re a dance company. You do so much more'. - Parent of a weekly participant.

Why the community needs us:
Exim's community dance wellbeing programmes are sited in communities of low cultural engagement and economic deprivation and are operating as an effective early intervention, reducing more Plymouth residents reaching crisis point. The beneficiaries of our services are young people, families and at-risk adults. Our work supports progression into further education, training opportunities and employment and many other positive outcomes; centering around our core value that anyone who wants to do something can do it. No matter their background or whether they are disabled. Exim believes everyone has the right to flourish and positively makes sense of themselves and belong to their communities in a safe and non-judgemental environment. We support those on low income by offering our services for free.

Our impact on the community:
Exim Dance mindfully focuses and responds to Plymouth’s priorities and needs around the city's health inequalities, supporting those most at risk and in need. The knowledge the young people gain from working with us will help bridge the gap between young people and the arts, as well as hopefully inspire them to think positively about higher education and employability. It gives them transferable skills that can be used in their everyday life. Exim has a strong track record of helping and developing young people assisting them through leadership qualifications, college & university auditions. Encouraging independence & building on social skills.

Participants that accessed Exim programmes stated the following positive impact throughout 2022: 

Parent/carer survey of those whose young people engaged in Exim programmes. 

  • 89% Sessions have built my child/young person’s confidence 
  • 83% Improved physical health in child/young person
  • 95% Improved mental wellbeing in child/young person 
  • 63% Young person/child aspirations have increased 
  • 61% Now engaging in creative activities with other organisations
  • 96% Young person/child has accomplished personal goals 
  • 100% would recommend Exim Dance 

What your gift could provide


Pays for dance studio for two hours to ensure the students don't have to pay


A trip to the theatre for young people to experience a professional show


Pays towards 3 Exim staff CPD professional training days

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