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Thank you for your support
Thank you so much for supporting East Cheshire Eye Society. We can only do the work we do because of your support. By making a donation to East Cheshire Eye Society you are helping people affected by sight loss to live their life to the full. Your kind donating is enabling us to continue our crucial work including: home visits, advice and training on equipment and technology, running a dedicated resource centre and regular social events to keep people connected and thus reducing loneliness.

Who we are
East Cheshire Eye Society, is an independent charity run by a board of voluntary trustees. Our purpose is to enable people affected by sight loss to lead fulfilling lives at work, at home and in the community. Our services and resources are extensive, from a range of magnifiers and equipment through to social events and signposting to other sight loss support services.   

What your gift could provide


pays for someone to attend a social group


pays for a home visit to assess needs or reduce loneliness


pays for a training day on the use of smartphones and tablets

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