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The purpose of FTWW is to address health inequalities for women, girls and people assigned female at birth (AFAB) living and / or accessing health services in Wales. We strive to maintain an online and in-person presence for those living in Wales who are disabled and / or experiencing a range of health issues, providing peer-support, information, and resources which give members the confidence and skills to better self-manage their health and navigate services. We empower our volunteers to advocate for others, ensuring patient voices are heard and play a fundamental role in policy-making and health service provision in Wales and beyond.
Why the community needs us
FTWW has created a thriving online community which covers the whole of Wales and which reduces the isolation experienced by the many women / AFAB with chronic and / or recurrent health conditions across the region. We run regular support groups and often hold awareness-raising events either online or in-person where circumstances allow. FTWW's existence gives our members, themselves 'experts by experience', the opportunity to have their voices heard in the design of health services locally and nationally, improving their well-being and that of their families and communities.
Our impact on the community
FTWW and our volunteers speak up for those women, girls & people AFAB who are disabled and / or living with long-term health conditions and whose voices have historically not been heard by decision-makers and healthcare providers. We empower our members to speak up for themselves so that they can challenge misdiagnoses and prejudicial attitudes, and provide opportunities for members to influence and co-produce those services that matter to them: 'Nothing about us without us'.  Most recently, FTWW's hard work and influencing has led to:

  • menstrual wellbeing education becoming a mandatory part of the secondary school curriculum in Wales
  • the appointment of endometriosis nurses in every health board in Wales
  • the Welsh Government's commitment to a 10-year Women's Health Plan for Wales. 
Our next task is to make sure that patient voices are fundamental to the design and implementation of a Women's Health Plan, which is just one reason why we need your support!

What your gift could provide


pays for us to raise awareness of our community's health-related experiences and needs


pays for us to support our volunteers' involvement in championing the health needs of the community


pays for us to facilitate our volunteers' participation in health-related policy-making in Wales

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