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Fitzrovia Youth in Action (FYA) supports young people in the London Borough of Camden and City of Westminster in planning and organising projects and activities that benefit their community.

Why the community needs us

Young people are seldom offered the opportunity to influence decision making or do something actively about a community issue they care about. They are constantly demonised in the media. FYA is unique in that young people are given the skills and support to address issues of concern in the community. FYA has a long track record of succesfully involving disadvantaged young people in youth-led community action, showing the positive difference that young people can make, if given the chance.

Our impact on the community

Evaluation carried out with young people who have taken part has shown that they have benefitted in a number of ways. Young people gain confidence, skills and experiences that help them access future employment and training. They form positive relationships with people from different ages and backgrounds and through their involvement feel more part of the community. Their activities help develop a positive image of young people and develop better understanding of issues young people face.

What your gift could provide


Covers the cost of providing accredited training to one young person


The cost of one young person to complete drugs or alcohol awareness training


Provides one young person with football coaching for one year

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