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Five A Day Market Garden is a volunteer led not-for-profit community supported project which aims to engage the rural and urban community. With a focus on gardening, nature and the environment our group runs education sessions for children and horticultural therapy sessions for adults and older people. We also encourage people to get active in our project through volunteering. We sell affordable, healthy, naturally grown produce.

Why the community needs us
Five A day offers a range of opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to learn about topics including growing their own food sustainably, healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, enjoying and looking after wildlife. Participants improve their well being increasing social networks and enjoying the benefits of gentle exercise. People can purchase healthy and locally grown fruit and vegetables. Corporate groups can spend a day with us and improve team work and morale!

Our impact on the community
The educational components of the project have increased people's knowledge in growing their own food at home and looking after wildlife. Many have reported an increase in fitness and an improvement in mental well-being and self-confidence. Volunteers have improved social networks and a real sense of achievement. Our customers have said our beans are the tastiest they've ever tried!

What your gift could provide


materials for one environmental art teaching session


2 bags of compost to grow about 500 tomatoes to sell to local people


enable us to recruit two volunteers

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