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The Foyer is a strategically important resource on the Isle of Wight, the role of which is not only to provide a safe and secure home for young people aged 16-25 but also to help them to build firm foundations for independent living within our communities. The project is unique on the Isle of Wight in that it provides holistic support which encompasses meeting housing needs, training, education, employment, personal development, living skills, recreational activities and support with a focus on

Why the community needs us

Helping young people by providing safe & secure accommodation. Encouraging young people to take possitive steps into adulthood

Our impact on the community

Young people should have more skills to access trainig & employment and the skill set to live indipendantly

What your gift could provide


1 welcome hamper of bedding & kitchen equipment


a cooking session for a group of young people to learn to eat healthy on a budget


5 X welcome hampers to new residents

Our details

01983 567599

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