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We provide an opportunity for the local community to work and support each other on horticultural activities. The concept of sharing skills and produce is at the heart of the scheme, with local groups and individuals working together to grow fruit, vegetables and other plants. The project encourages participants to act as mentors to other groups, supporting them to gain skills, knowledge and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of growing produce.

Why the community needs us

We provide a huge range of opportunities for people from the community to get involved, from basic gardening and outdoor construction tasks (e.g. paving and carpentry) through to specialist areas such as looking after the vineyard, apple orchard, bee-hives, or plant cultivation. The size and scale of the project means that we have a potential role for everyone who is interested in sharing their skills and talents in a safe and supportive environment.

Our impact on the community

The Landshare project gives people a reason to get out and about, it offers them choices of activity, learning opportunities and for some it may prove a route into paid employment. The joy of shared experiences, growing success, spending time outdoors and physical exercise encourages healthier lifestyles and increased independence.

What your gift could provide


buys seeds for a vegetable growing area


covers office sundries for a month to help manage the project


buys compost for a growing season

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