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Genesis Trust is a local and long-standing charity supporting hungry, homeless and vulnerable people in Bath and the surrounding areas. Via interlinking projects including Genesis Life Projects, our Furniture Shop and Bath Foodbank we provide immediate practical help for people in crisis and offer long-term opportunities for them to rebuild their lives. Our projects provide basic essentials such as food, clothing and furniture, as well as mentoring, one-to-one support, training and work experience to support people on their journey towards independence.

Why the community needs us

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the amount of people in crisis in Bath, using our services and requesting emergency food. Our work is vital in preventing further marginalization and for giving people the opportunity to better their lives and prospects.

Our impact on the community
Genesis Trust vision's is to help to  create a thriving community where everyone has hope and a future.      

What your gift could provide


could buy enough food for 20 people at our Lifeline breakfasts


could payfor three days emergency food items for an individual


could pay for a week's refreshments at our Life Projects

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