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We are a registered charity committed to changing and saving lives through the movement of 'Get Fit 4 Mental Wellness'.

We are actively changing the stigma surrounding mental health; whether you are young, old, male or female. 

We currently run two weekly free sessions (Wednesday drop-in hub & the Scammonden Steps Challenge each Sunday) where absolutely anyone from the public can attend and improve their mental well-being.

In 2019, we created the ground-breaking 8 Week Mental Wellness Programme™ which provides 12 individuals (6 men and 6 women) with the opportunity to change their life through a structured programme made up of intensive one-to-one therapy, psycho-education classes, plus personal training and nutritional information. 

The 8-week programme was created with a desire to take people from the realms of needing costly NHS treatment and facing long waiting lists. The components were designed by our founder, paying close attention to his personal experiences, as well as feedback from our various community groups. Participants are selected from the community based on the severity of their issue(s) and their commitment to engage. Over 100 people are currently on the waiting list.

The programme costs £804.00 per person for the entire 8 weeks. In comparison, one incident of self-harm costs the NHS £809.00, whilst a suicide attempt costs £1,725.45.  We look at the person, not the problem. We offer education and therapy designed to be accessed throughout a person's life so that when they are faced with difficult life situations in future, which they undoubtedly will be, they are equipped with the knowledge and methods they need to respond in a healthy way. The programme is broken down into three components. Under normal circumstances, the programme would run alongside the Wednesday evening walk and talk group and the Sunday Scammonden Step Challenge. Whilst in Lockdown, we are encouraging our online community to get out and active every day as well as offering a daily live show with one of the team.

Feedback from previous programmes:

“I didn’t know what to expect and was quite sceptical as nothing had ever worked before. Therapy has unlocked things I didn’t expect. I feel like I’ve gotten rid of all the baggage, trauma and self-doubt. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I am excited for my future. I now all the tools and capabilities to live the life I’ve always wanted”. 

“I learnt that I wasn’t alone. I couldn’t fault the process. This needs to be done all over the country. Thank you”. 

“Thank you so much for this amazing experience, it’s not only helped me and changed my life, but also my children and everyone around me”. 

“There was always something holding me back from enjoying my life, like a dark cloud. This programme gave me my authentic self back. My kids have seen a huge change in me. They’re happier because they’ve got a happy mum. It’s like a snowball effect. The happier I’ve become, the happier they’ve become too".     

What your gift could provide


A phone call with one of our therapists for someone in crisis


A course of Vitamin D and Omega 3 for one of our participants


A session of one-to-one therapy

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