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Since 2006 Gul has had a singular mission, to improve the well being and health of its users through activities and interventions in the outdoors. Gul exists to equip its users who are typically vulnerable young people with mental health issues to deal with the world beyond its gates.

Why the community needs us
Gul provides a service unlike any other in its community, the chance to interact in a quiet beautiful place with trained professionals and peaceful ponies. Many centres across the UK are now waking up to the fact the spending time with animals has a beneficial effect on mental health specifically but well being in general but Gul takes this approach further by offering guided sessions, with trained staff with set pathways for improvement be it in attaining qualifications or learning adaptions social skills to overcome barriers in their life. Each year Gul, from its sites across the UK has helped over 350 individuals from all over Wiltshire and beyond.

Our impact on the community
Gul helps people each week, Gul engages fully in all its local communities from working with over 70 schools,  to offering our therapies and activities to struggling individuals, working with them to offer alternative education, emotional support, outdoor activities and workshops. 

Outside of schools Gul works with adults to support mental health, offering volunteering opportunities ranging from large corporate sessions through to regular sessions aimed at increasing employability as well as riding lessons and specialist mental health support sessions. Gul works with the local authorities particularly the looked after children, alternative provision, special educational needs and social care departments and finally with the general public to offer its therapy sessions and run community events

Gul works with all its users in group settings and 1:1 to enable progress toward greater self esteem, confidence and well being. Each year over 400 people's lives are transformed by Gul and its amazing teams across the UK.

What your gift could provide


2 bales of hay which will feed our herd of highlands for one week.


2 hours of time for one of our therapy team


A vet check up for one of our ponies to have its annual jabs.

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