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We are a community group with a radical ambition to change how residents and visitors feel and experience our local area. We focus on making the mundane marvellous, using simple changes by planting grass verges, tree pits and neglected grot spots. We also add art where it isn't usual found: telephone exchange boxes, roller shutters and street bollards. Ladybirds on a BT box, mosaic tiles on concrete bollards, caterpillar on metal bollards and sunflowers on roller shutters.

Why the community needs us

We work to enable local residents to feel they can influence and change their local community for the better. We make simple changes and take simple actions that anyone of any age or ability can get involved in. We aim to put a smile on people's faces as they walk to school or work, as they go about their daily business.

Our impact on the community

What your gift could provide


Plants for a whole street's tree pits.


An art workshop for residents to paint bird boxes


Buys fruit and veg plants to fill 5 metre square planters.

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