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In 2014, residents of Grangetown created a shared vision. We aspired to a friendlier Grangetown, with increased understanding between communities where everyone was united by a space for all. A plan was formed: to redevelop the 1962 Grange Bowls Pavilion and Green into a dynamic and multi-functional building and grounds, offering affordable space-for-hire, a community-focused café offering employment and training opportunities to local people, and much-needed public amenities in a popular park.

Why the community needs us

The redevelopment of Grange Pavilion will enable residents of Grangetown to plan and run community activities for free, to tackle social isolation and increase wellbeing and to deliver a stunning building lead by the community for the community. Through developing a facility that's open and accessible to all communities which improves the physical environment in Grangetown and provides amenities in the park, we envisage fewer instances of anti-social behaviour and an increase in neighbourliness.

Our impact on the community

By increasing the size of the existing Grange Pavilion and increasing the programme of activities, we aim to achieve the following: 300 residents feel they have increased skills and qualifications - 1,000 residents feel they have made healthier choices or that their wellbeing has improved - 1,000 residents feel more connected to their community or less isolated - 500 young people from Grangetown have accessed activities at the building - 50 new volunteers will engage in community-led activities.

What your gift could provide


Every £10 will help us build a tranquil space for mindfulness projects


Every £50 will help us build a fun, durable room for play activities


Every £100 will help us build a multi-functional hall for the community

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