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Our aim is to ·
Deliver, co-ordinate and provide services that will support the area and it's residents.  One of the ways in which we do this is by providing Community Food Share Cupboards and a Foodbank.

We believe that everybody deserves to be able to feed themselves and their family.  We can provide a 7 day food parcel of store cupboard essentials and a hygiene pack.  Residents can also access emergency food supplies from our network of Food Share Cupboards. 

All monies raised through this platform will be used to sustain this vital element of our work, along with the food donations received from members of our community, churches and local businesses.

Our programme of activities also includes: ·         

Childcare and Children’s activities·         ·         
Information and advice·         
Community education·           

Our role within the community is:-

Project led services – single purpose projects to tackle a particular need.

Different services – we invite other organisations and groups to deliver services and activities.

Local sensitivities and community leadership – external agencies often use Greenfields as a route into the community, tapping into our knowledge and trust.  

A voice for the community – bringing people together to give them a community voice.     


What your gift could provide


Hygiene parcel


7 day food parcel for an Individual


7 day food parcel for a family of 4

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