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We use gardening and horticulture to help people with a wide range of mental health issues improve the quality of their lives in what ever way they want eg improved self confidence, improved fitness, refreshing work skills, all designed to promote better mental health and wellbeing. Our qualified staff run sessions 50 weeks a year, providing a range of services to suit people at different stages of their recovery.

Why the community needs us
We are the only such project with a qualified staff team focusing on the needs of people with mental health issues in Hertfordshire. It is vital that people get support not only for themselves, but also for their family and friends, who are also at risk of experiencing mental health issues due to the stresses of being a carer. The funding from Localgiving will allow us to support people who would otherwise not qualify for help from social services.

Our impact on the community
Over the past 10 years we have worked with over 250 people. A few have moved back into work or onto training courses or volunteering opportunities, but many need to stay with us for longer periods to support their recovery. A quote from a family member of one of our Gardeners -
"Throughout his 'Recovery' the project has proved to be the one stable influence and most reliable source of help my son has received to date".

What your gift could provide


Will help pay for a bag of peat free compost for our Gardeners to pot up seedlings & plants


Will help pay for 5 packets of seeds for Gardeners to sow, bring on and then plant out


Will pay for someone with mental health problems receive 3 hours of horticutural therapy

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