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Unique collection that combines finished artefacts and work in progress to illustrate how things were made. Together with published catalogues, archival material, pictures, photographs, tapes and films, it records the development of manufacturing processes and products and the skills of the workpeople involved. Focus on Sheffield but has complementary material from Britain and the rest of the world. The Trust was created to acquire and safeguard the Collection for the nation.

Why the community needs us

The Collection is fronted by a public gallery which has both permanent exhibits and a variety of changing public exhibitions aimed at a wide audience. This is supplemented by talks and demonstrations from time to time. All of this is possible by the Collection providing a focus for research and recording of the objects in its care. Exploration of the items is made possible with careful conservation and increasing digitisation of its records.

Our impact on the community

The main outcome of our work is the provision of a public gallery for all to enjoy and understand the Collection albeit its international reputation is built on the range and depth of the Collection combined with the knowledge of our volunteers. In an industry where many of the craft skills have been overtaken by new processes the Collection provides an invaluable record through objects, film and narrative of how tools developed.

What your gift could provide


valuable materials for the conservation of the Collection


expenses support for a whole year for one of our volunteers


display and interpretation for a temporary exhibition

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