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Approximately two million people in the UK are living with an unruptured brain aneurysm. And brain aneurysms are more common in women than men, especially those who are in their late 40s and mid-50s. Thousands of people live well with brain aneurysms without knowing they carry one. Only when they rupture (burst) can they be fatal or life-changing for the person and their family.​When a rupture happens, it is usually very sudden and without warning. Most cases of brain aneurysms are sporadic, meaning they are sudden and have no genetic hereditary pattern. However, sometimes, cases of brain aneurysms cluster or run in families. This is rare, but it can impact families severely when it happens. 
Hereditary Brain Aneurysm Support (HBA Support) is the UK's only patient-centred organisation providing information and support for people and families affected by hereditary brain aneurysms.​

HBA Support is a community for families that have been given a hereditary brain aneurysm diagnosis or suspect there is a pattern or cluster in their family. We work with people affected by hereditary brain aneurysms, building a community for families who have been given a hereditary brain aneurysm diagnosis or suspect there is a pattern or cluster in their family.

Since 2022, we've been supporting hundreds of people affected, working with the medical, research, and policy communities to improve information and research into this rare genetic condition.

We've produced Patient Guides for newly diagnosed people, run webinars with expert clinicians for affected families, and published research review findings that demonstrate the need for increased understanding of the genetic factors behind the condition.

Donate today to support more patients with a new diagnosis, increase research and develop more resources for people and families living with the condition.

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