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We are going public with hope! Seeking to promote social inclusion, mental health and wellbeing through collaboration, connection, creativity and care.

'Hope' aims to relieve the needs of those people who are socially excluded and assist them to integrate into society, and we provide voluntary counselling, education and support to those suffering from depression, bereavement, and loss.

We believe in creating safe listening spaces, and carry out our work through a variety of Cardiff based projects:

- The Tavs Centre aims to engage, support and empower people in Cardiff addressing issues arising from homelessness, addiction, mental health difficulties and isolation.

- The Junction Cardiff is a non-judgmental support service for anyone who has experienced any form of baby loss. It aims to provide a caring and safe atmosphere for individuals or couples to talk confidentially to trained advisors. 

- Going Public uses action and creativity to bring hope to young people. Through interactive workshops, school partnerships and our 'residency' internship programme it offers safe environments to encourage the mental health and wellbeing of 11-25s.        

What your gift could provide


Buy a fortnight of groceries for a member of the Tavs community


Fund a counselling session for someone from a low income background


Enable a young person to join in our internship programme

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