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Hope Nottingham encourages volunteers to work together to help those in need in local communities from all around the City and parts of the County. Initiatives include Hope Café One-stop Drop-In Centre Beeston which incorporates a foodbank, a number of other foodbanks around Nottingham, an Employment Pathway scheme and a Literacy group.

Why the community needs us
Hope Nottingham works in local communities around Nottingham to provide holistic support to people with all kinds of need, including homelessness, poverty and social exclusion as well as isolation and vulnerability of disadvantaged people in their own homes. The foodbank provides immediate practical help for people in crisis and this brings us alongside people who need more in depth practical support and mentoring to help them change their lives for the better.

Our impact on the community
Positive outcomes include feeding people who have no other means of getting food, helping people transform their own lives, restoring confidence, self worth and practical ability to live each day. We also enable a very diverse range of people to contribute positively to their own community through volunteering.

What your gift could provide


Breakfast for a family of 5 people


Towards the weekly running cost of our van


An hour of pasoral support in our cafe/one-stop shop

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