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This unique facility gives members space in a nurturing, peer supportive social environment to gain confidence & develop skills that can be used in the wider community.Members have the opportunity to explore new activities in various areas of creativity in one of our rooms dedicated to cooking, crafts,gardening,I.T. pottery or wood work whilst at the same time engaging in social interaction, gaining personal satisfaction & developing friendships in a tolerant & understanding environment.

Why the community needs us

HUTS relies totally on grants & donations to fund the workshop, its activities, outside trips & staff

Our impact on the community

HUTS currently has 127 active members, over its 21 year existence this figure multiplies accordingly with many local people having benefited from being able to attend the workshop and in so doing reduce their isolation, develop their self-esteem and ultimately improve their mental health & resilience. Comments from our members include: "HUTS has given me a new life and lifted me out of the dark hole I was in" and ; "Without HUTS I wouldn't be here"

What your gift could provide


would buy pottery tools, crafting thread or woodwork fittings


would go towards pottery glazes, crafting materials or wood finishes


would buy pottery clay, weaving wool or wood for woodwork

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