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It's our first year of entering the Bath Half Marathon and we have NINE runners!  Despite the challenge of training in the dark, rain and snow all are preparing for the big day on March 17th 2024.  We would love your support!

Why do we want to raise money?  Well, we have another bus in our I Can & I Am fleet which needs funding.  We have purchased this to help with the ever increasing demand to visit schools to deliver our vital messages to young people on how to maintain their self-belief.  By early 2024 we'd already worked with 15,000 people on our first bus. This new bus will enable us to double the number we work with each year. All our visits to state schools (about 95%) are carried out completely free of charge and so we rely on donations to fund them. 
Take a look at this 2 minute clip of the bus in action.

To enable us to continue this great work, we need to raise funds to cover the running costs of our buses. As a charity, we’ve always provided our time within state schools free of charge with significant discounts available to independent schools when budgets are limited.

We're extraordinarily lucky to have the invaluable support of both Howdens Joinery and Boodles. If you are part of an organisation who may be able to support our bus on an ongoing basis, please do get in touch.

"The ‘I Can and I Am’ team leave an indelible mark on a school community. They are inspirational. Pizzas hook the children in, but what follows is profound, life-enhancing and not often found in a school curriculum. This is real learning. This is real education.”
Titus Mills, Headmaster, Port Regis School

"The bus gave us the luxury of time for pupils to bake bread and also to think about their wellbeing in a really engaging space, so different from their normal day. This package, together with James's talk, was perfect. I've had a line of parents, particularly from the most vulnerable and challenging pupils, saying thank you!" 
Chris Chorley, Headmaster, St Vigor & St John C Of E School

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What your gift could provide


Cooking ingredients for a class of 30 pupils for pizza making sessions on the lower deck of the bus


Workbooks for a class of secondary school pupils for the workshops held on the top floor of the bus


Half a day bus visit at a school, spending time with up to 50 pupils.

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