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***Ukraine Appeal***
Two large tents have been set up outside Warsaw Station where those arriving from Ukraine are provided with food and drink virtually round the clock. IPC and Polish volunteers have performed heroics, but the funding is a constant problem. The money from IPC supporters is going directly towards these essential provisions. To date, IPC supporters have funded the purchase of over 2,000 food, hygiene products, baby supplies, and medical items at Warsaw Central Station, helping hundreds of Ukrainian refugees to find temporary respite as they prepare for their journey to safety. The Central Station is a key travel hub for Ukrainians seeking refuge across Europe, and many will stay at the Station overnight while waiting for onwards transport.  Please consider making a donation to the work being undertaken at Warsaw Station. All money donated goes directly to purchasing food and other essential supplies from local stores in Warsaw and straight to the tents for the refugees from Ukraine. Nothing is spent on administration. Any surplus funds will be allocated to finding people temporary accommodation in Warsaw and in some cases enabling onward transport to final destinations.
Please mark your donation as for 'Ukraine Appeal' or for 'General IPC' charitable purposes.

IPC allows vulnerable migrants in the Middlesbrough and Newcastle area to have access to a safe Community Hub that provides avenues to a wide variety of activities from cooking to horticulture.

We offer a Community Hub, staffed by our dedicated volunteer team, as a service to the Middlesbrough and Newcastle communities in an effort to promote integration of vulnerable emerging migrant groups in North East England.

Why the community needs us
We help to lower the severity of problems such as alcoholism and depression by granting vulnerable people social activities in which they can meet and make friends with people from all over Middlesbrough and Newcastle. We also help vulnerable migrants attain valuable ESOL skills through practise with other people, enabling them to more effectively integrate into Britain.

Our impact on the community
We measure our results and outcomes in the qualifications gained by the vulnerable people who attend our range of beneficial community projects. We additionally gauge progress by keeping track of the people who become volunteer staff for us to feed back the benefits of their experience into the organisation.

What your gift could provide


Payment for volunteer travel expenses to staff the Community Hub


Toiletries and sanitary products for 6 vulnerable refugees.


50 hot meals for fleeing Ukrainian refugees at Warsaw station

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