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This project came about from my 26 years working with the Ipswich Soup Kitchen.We are now seeing a great number of people who are struggling to make ends meet and cope with today's society.Although we have a lasting and positive impact with our clients, we need to reach out to them and provide more help with their problems and work with them to find a more stable path for their lives at the earliest stage.To facilitate this, we have raised funds for an Outreach Bus that is now working within the town. We are now mobile to reach out to those across the communities that in many cases are being missed by not engaging with static agencies. Our goal is to offer training and support to strengthen confidence, discuss issues. We shall bring static agencies in to offer their individual expertise using the power of an onboard I.T suite, a relaxing environment and clinic rooms for partner agencies.Some of the needs that we have already encountered are unemployment, homelessness, poverty and loneliness.

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pays for tea, coffee, soup etc for one day


pays for operations worker for one day.


helps with ongoing running of bus each month

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