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Our mission is to assist Kongolese and other black and ethnic minority groups in London to fulfil their potential and play an active role in the Society. Our goals are: tackle underachievement of children and young; support family learning and development; tackle youth crime and anti-social behaviour; address social exclusion. Our activities include: a supplementary school, Music Club, Accredited courses for refugee's women; advice and advocacy; cultural activities and outings.

Why the community needs us

Our work benefits approximately 1089 people in the UK. The charity is a unique group that have an in-depth understanding of the social characteristic of the Kongolese community in the UK. We deliver services to all range of ages, especially in education by advising, orienting and sign-posting; and we have been supporting families, children and schools in different ways and have the skills, experience and ability to deliver.

Our impact on the community

What your gift could provide


Can provide supplementary school lunch for 5 children


Can support volunteers to teach musical instruments to autistic children


Can support a refugee women become fashion-designer through sewing training

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