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Local Village Network is a grassroots charity set up in 2015. Founder Rachael Box and a team of volunteers worked with over 300 young people to create a series of programmes that put young people in control of their future.

Now we run our programmes in schools and youth clubs across London, offer online mentoring via our app, and have a database of over 2500 opportunities and activities for young people listed on our app and website.

Our Purpose
To ensure that every young person has access to positive networks and an equal chance to reach their full potential.

Why the community needs us
Local Village Network provides services that have been developed in direct response to the ever growing social needs and issues effecting young people. At least 70% of jobs are not advertised and youth are facing the "toughest job market in a generation" (Institute of Employment Studies). Our programmes and support have never been more crucial for the young people dealing with such challenging times.

Our impact on the community
Through our mentoring programmes, we create significant social change by mobilising positive influences in the community and local organisations to support underprivileged young people in London into employment.

We also aim to improve social mobility, removing barriers and increasing educational achievement by giving them access to a wide range of professional networks and opportunities that they wouldn’t usually have.

In order to coordinate Local Village Network's efforts on the ground we have created a bespoke Platform (free app and website). The Local Village Network platform brings together young people, parents, youth leaders, community workers, working professionals, service providers & local businesses. Signposting to 2500+ opportunities, ensures that young people are aware of the support available.  

What your gift could provide


Fund the participation of one young person in an LVN group mentoring session.


Fund a one-2-one mentoring session, giving a young person bespoke support.


Fund one young person through a full 6-week mentoring programme, building trust.

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