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Personal debt levels in the UK have reached such levels that many people in debt find themselves overwhelmed and cannot see a way out of the problem. Sadly, these levels will only rise in the difficult months to come. MAC provides free regulated face-to-face debt advice to help people to break free from debt and gives them the skills to manage their affairs.

Why the community needs us
We help clients compile financial statements, prioritise bills, liaise with creditors, and set up repayment plans and budgets. The service that we offer is personal, in-depth and holistic and we stay with our clients for as long as it takes to reach our agreed goals. Breaking people free from the tyranny of unmanageable debts allows them to enjoy living again: for many it is the chance to start afresh and this in turn impacts on those around them in their families and the wider community as they reengage. By giving to MAC, you are turning lives around, and providing hope when it is most needed.

Our impact on the community
Some of our feedback:
"Thank you for lifting this debt mountain off my back long enough for me to see a path up it"
"Thank you for your help and kindness - more than we can express in words."
"Thanks, you're miracle workers." 

What your gift could provide


enables the first conversation with someone struggling with debt


covers the time to file a Debt Relief Order


funds a compulsory training session for a debt advisor

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