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Founded in 2002 by Pat Ebbs, we are a charity set up to help kids on the autistic spectrum. We raise funds so we can turn their dreams into reality, and give them the help and support they need, as well as give help and support to their families. With the money raised by our fantastic members and generous supporters, we strive to provide "Magic Moments" for the children, whilst also helping to improve their self esteem. Ultimately, our dream is to inject some much needed sunshine into the sometimes limited world of an autistic child. In order to achieve all of our aspirations, we rely heavily on two main things; our members and fundraisers. We work together to draw attention to the charity and to raise awareness of autism and aspergers. We often hold events with an aim of raising awareness and raising funds to support the running of our charity. The support of our community is crucial, with events regularly planned to supplement the cafe and charity shop that are open weekly, Wednesday to Saturday.

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could support a vulnerable child/young person in making friends through group activities


could help support a vulnerable child/young person to access community groups and activities


could help support a vulnerable young person's pathway into employment, through training

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