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Our maritime archaeology Discovery Bus allows us to share exciting discoveries, activities and information with ALL OF YOU! We want the Bus to be able to reach communities across the country and visit as many people as possible. 

To help us keep the Discovery Bus on the road we are calling anyone with a passion for ‘our heritage, our ocean, and our future’ to consider giving us either a one-off donation of any amount or a monthly donation of just £5. Your donations will help us fund our programme of events throughout 2023. 
The Discovery Bus is packed full of:

  • real and replica archaeological artefacts to handle, 
  • fantastic digital 3D models, 
  • ever-changing exhibition posters, 
  • and exciting activities. Through hands-on and interactive learning, we can deliver the results of our research in a way that is fun and engaging and invites visitors to the Discovery Bus to explore a wide range of fields, including shipwrecks and drowned landscapes, and intertidal and coastal heritage sites, including links between changes in sea level and coasts with climate conditions.
Our Discovery Bus makes our work accessible to EVERYONE, including children, young people, families, elderly people, and people of all abilities. We believe making information and education inclusive is of the utmost importance: our resources, events, and projects are intended to be used by ALL, and our Discovery Bus is a great tool for delivering this vision.
As the Discovery Bus is totally mobile, we can connect local communities with maritime heritage, especially those who might otherwise struggle to access it.

What your gift could provide


£5 a month will help take the Discovery Bus into communities during 2023.


Helps pay for fuel to take our Discovery Bus into communities.


Helps pay for staff and resources to take the Bus to community events.

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