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We deliver services to support women and their families who are facing physical, emotional, mental, or other challenges. We also provide practical, emotional, spiritual, and physical support, using education training, information, advice, and personal development activities to motivate and empower. We build confidence, skills, and abilities so as to raise aspirations, access opportunities, and develop better Life Choices for themselves and their families using Christian values. Improve community cohesion through events, outreach, and personal development activities.

Why the community needs us
Helping to encourage, empower, and support women and their families regardless of faith and background.

Our impact on the community
We have Improved community cohesion through events, outreach, and personal development activities. We welcome all women and their families to our events, regardless of their beliefs, faith, or background.

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Volunteers out of pocket expenses


Communication resources to stay connected with the local community


Administration and costs towards the delivery of activities

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£3.08k raised from 20 pages

Love Offering

£0 raised since August 2023

Music Lessons

£210 raised since January 2023

Back2school International Reunion

£0 raised since October 2022

Let's Talk and Chair Exercise sessions

£0 raised since December 2021

Empower2Engage Brunch

£0 raised since November 2021

Youth Endeavour

£0 raised since November 2020

Virtual Conference 2020

£112.5 raised since November 2020

Fundraising Campaign

£702 raised since October 2020

Supportive & Empowering

£0 raised since October 2020

T.R.U.S.T. Cancer Support Group

£2.5 raised since October 2020

Macmillan Coffee Morning

£283.75 raised since September 2020


£156.25 raised since September 2020

Zoom Conferencing Donation

£10 raised since August 2020

Membership Fee-Donations

£187.5 raised since July 2020

Empowering Community Gospel Choir Donation Fund

£90 raised since July 2020

Membership: Kindly support!!!

£90 raised since July 2020

Ministry of Empowerment

£133.75 raised since April 2020

Music Literacy

£1.01k raised since February 2020

Monthly Chair Exercise

£0 raised since February 2020

Virtual Afternoon Tea

£90 raised since December 2019