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We are an innovative local charity growing people and community through social enterprise. Our eight exciting enterprises work to ‘co-produce’ solutions to locally identified issues that have a global importance.

The enterprises are staffed by amazing teams of young people who have struggled with mainstream education. Their enterprise work experience is supported by accredited training enabling trainees to build confidence and make good choices for the next steps in life.

Our roots are within the Christian community, but we work, learn and play together with people of all faiths and none; celebrating diversity and welcoming people from all parts of our community.

Why the community needs us
Through our social enterprises we provide locally grown food, honey and eggs, high quality and affordable childcare, beautiful hand made products using natural dyed organic material and bees wax. We also restore and sell donated bicycles, run a forest school and community café. All of the social enterprises are designed to not only provide a high level of service and quality of product but also the opportunity for the local community to tread more lightly on the planet as we recycle, reuse and produce locally as much as we can.
Our impact on the community
Everyone connected to Milton Keynes Christian Foundation has the opportunity grow in a positive and healthy way. Whether it is the young people who work on the enterprises, the parents and children who enjoy the nursery and forest school, the customers who buy our products, volunteers or staff. Together we really are growing people and community through social enterprise.

What your gift could provide


Could provide new honey frames to help the young people and bees make and harvest more honey


Could buy essential gardening tools for the Urban Farm to help us grow delicious local food


Could buy sewing equipment to enable more young people to learn how to sew natural dyed products

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