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Money A+E is an award-winning social enterprise that provides money advice & educational services to disadvantaged groups, Diverse Ethnic Communities (DEC) and young people.

Our mission is to empower individuals by providing accessible, independent, and effective money advice and education.

We recruit our beneficiaries as staff and volunteers, so that our services are based around lived experience and empathetic peer support.


Why the community needs us
There is a Cost of Living Emergency happening in our communities. Prices on essentials are rising far faster than people's incomes. Average energy bills have hit £2,500/year*, and inflation on food is at an incredible 16.5%**.

It is low-income households who are feeling this pain the hardest.

At Money A+E, our most vulnerable clients are struggling to stay afloat. More and more people need our support with ‘deficit budgets’: meaning that their income simply does not cover their household expenses.

At Money A+E, we provide money advice and education to Diverse Ethnic Communities (BAME), socially excluded groups and young people - groups hit disproportionately hard by the Cost of Living Emergency.

We cannot let people struggle alone. We must act now.


How we help
Donate today, and your gift could fund an emergency grant of £200-250 so that a household in severe financial hardship can cover essentials like food, heating and lighting.

Your support also helps us to provide life-changing debt, benefits, energy & money advice, for individuals and families in financial crisis.
And your generosity helps to build long-term financial resilience. At Money A+E we deliver financial education workshops that transform communities with essential money management skills.   

Please, donate today and help us put the heart back in our communities.

Thank you.


Our impact on the community

In 2022 we:  
Supported our Advice clients to be £737,473 better off.
Supported people to manage £2.4 million in debts.
Provided expert debt, benefits, energy and money guidance sessions to 638 people
Reached 1,890 people with life-changing money advice + education.

*Money Helper
**12 months to Nov 2022, ONS

What your gift could provide


could help fund expert debt and benefits advice for a household in financial crisis.


could help provide an emergency grant, enabling a family to afford food and heating.


could help fund financial education workshops that are proven to fight poverty long-term.

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