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Moorsbus Community Interest Company and Friends of Moorsbus are all volunteers. We believe that public transport is important for people to get out and about to keep healthy and find companionship. It also helps to reduce pollution and congestion from cars. We arrange a connecting network of buses from different operators. We pay for these buses with passenger donations, bequests, fundraising, and by grants we apply for. Fares and bus pass reimbursement only covered 27% of costs in 2017.

Why the community needs us

Moorsbus gives lots of journey options so that people can be more physically active and get out and about for walking, sight-seeing, special events, visiting friends and family and shopping. Leaving the car at home reduces air pollution, parking problems, congestion at popular destinations, and drink driving on that Sunday pub-meal! Around 60% of our passengers don't have a car, and couldn't get to the lovely North York Moors National Park without Moorsbus. Young people can get to weekend jobs

Our impact on the community

Moorsbus CIC raise funds to provide public transport, including places like Thirsk, Northallerton, Helmsley, Scarborough, Pickering, Guisbrough, Great Ayton and Rievaulx. We support communities who are dependent on the tourist economy because we connect with trains from other parts of the UK, bringing foreign visitors also. In 2017 we achieved over 10,000 passenger journeys on Sundays and Bank Holidays between May and September. We would like to increase the number of days that we operate.

What your gift could provide


Pays for paper timetables for older people


adds up, with other donations, to pay for buses


Is a great help; it costs £400 per day for each bus.

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