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Based in Basildon, and working across the UK, Motivated Minds stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment in the realm of mental health and wellbeing, dedicated to enhancing the mental wellness of individuals throughout their lives.

Our unwavering mission at Motivated Minds is to foster open dialogue on mental health, spread education, present effective solutions, and battle the persistent stigma linked to mental health challenges. We believe in empowering individuals through transformative positive psychological and behavioural methodologies.

Our approach is centred on proactive prevention, with a commitment to inspiring individuals to realise and reach their full potential. We offer a broad spectrum of services meticulously tailored to the needs of individuals and organisations, encompassing schools, colleges, workplaces, and communities. Our community-based approach allows us to cultivate lasting relationships, providing individuals with a compassionate environment to explore their feelings, viewpoints, and life narratives.

At Motivated Minds, we are committed to holistic wellness, nurturing a profound sense of self-awareness, personal growth, and the embrace of one's true self among those we serve. Our motto, 'Be More', speaks volumes about our dedication, resonating deeply, irrespective of age or life circumstances.

The foundation of our provision stems from positive psychology and wraps around the NHS five elements of wellbeing; Connecting with others, being active, continued learning, giving to others, and mindfulness. All of our work is based on the most effective disciplines of health and personal development. Focus is given to individual strengths and facilitating skill-sets, aiding achievement and fulfilling potential.

We hold a steadfast allegiance to evidence-based practices, using the distinguished Warwick Wellbeing Scale and the IONS questions to gauge individual wellbeing. Our synergetic methodology, enriched by a coaching-style assessment, facilitates profound insight into our customers' psyche.

Our commitment to lived experience is rooted in our founders' own experiences, and we actively co-produce our services with our customers. This plays a fundamental role in shaping both the delivery and monitoring of our work, ensuring that it maintains a two-way dialogue and builds services that meet need.

Motivated Minds as a nonprofit Community Interest Company (CIC), we redirect all profits towards our one-stop-wellness-shop. Situated in the Eastgate Shopping Centre in Basildon, Essex, our ‘HAPPY Hub’ stands as a testament to our commitment, providing a tangible platform for mental and physical health support. This community-centric approach not only enables us to fine-tune our support to cater to the distinct requirements of our local residents but also guarantees enhanced accessibility.

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