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We aim to enhance our green spaces, increase the biodiversity of our area, and combat the effects of the climate crisis.
NESST has grown out of SNET (Save Nether Edge Trees), a group that came together as a community to protect our lovely street trees from felling. We found common interest in our passion for the environment and sustainability more generally.

The NESST vision is to continue to harness that energy and the ideas, with the aim of:
• Maintaining and improving the suburban environment in Nether Edge and Sharrow;
• Maintaining and increasing the volume and variety of wildlife habitat in the area;
• Increasing awareness of the special wildlife in our area;
• Creating opportunities for likeminded members of the community to come together, both working together to achieve aspects of the vision, and to socialise/network;
• Doing our best locally to contribute to combatting the current climate emergency
• Thinking globally, acting locally

Our core activity is the planting of new street trees where the community is supportive.  We want to fill the gaps in the street tree canopy in Nether Edge, and also extend this street tree canopy into the surrounding areas of Sharrow, Sharrow Vale and Carter Knowle.

There are currently around 2300 street trees in these areas, and by walking every one of the streets in this area, we estimate that there is sufficient space to more than double that number to around 4700 street trees. This will considerably increase the overall tree canopy cover in the area, significantly increasing the ecosystem services and many other environmental benefits.

Importantly there is an equality aspect to this too, as the number of street trees currently tends to be higher on streets with higher income and wealth. The vision is to have street trees wherever there is space to do so, regardless of the income or wealth of the street.

This is a long term project and will have benefits for our children and grandchildren, as well as the wildlife.

Please donate generously to our amazing long term vision.  You can Gift Aid your donation if you are a UK taxpayer.

UPDATE - The first two years of this project resulted in 114 trees being planted. This is a 5% increase in the local street tree stock and the first increase in over 50 years. Please keep donating!

If anyone of you would like to donate further money, however big or small the donation, you would be most welcome to and remember you can Gift Aid it!  Feel free also to share the weblink for this donation page.

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