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To challenge and eradicate discrimination (both personal and institutional) and prejudice or hostility in all its forms. We work to ensure Northamptonshire's diverse communities and citizens can enjoy peace, achieve their full potential and live free from injustice, aiming for a socially cohesive society in which diversity is recognised, celebrated and valued.

Why the community needs us

People most likely to experience discrimination are least likely to be able to identify the unfairness they experience as discrimination and are least likely to know their rights and sources of support. They are often isolated by these experiences as employers and those who provide goods and services, blame victims of discrimination for the detriment that they experience. Lots of individuals do not know where to get advice to challenge the discrimination.

Our impact on the community

Over 370 clients were given advice and assistance in respect of allegations of discrimination; We gave advice and assistance to 227 clients on immigration and nationality matters;We actively worked to make it easier for people to report hate incidents. We have developed of a Countywide marketing campaign to promote Hate Incident reporting & gave advice information to 24 individuals wishing to report hate incidents.

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