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North Wales Women's Centre is a safe place for women aged 16+ to access information, support, advocacy and training on issues relating to health, wellbeing, and work. Established in 2001, the Centre operates from West Rhyl and has to date provided services to over 4000 women. Women who attend the centre are mainly from the Rhyl and Denbighshire areas, but we do provide a 1 to 1 outreach service for women in the more rural areas of Denbighshire and along the North Wales Coast.

Why the community needs us

Many women are extremely isolated and vulnerable in their own communities. The centre offers a safe way for them to access purposeful and meaningful interactions, and experience positive social relationships that lead to the formation of a support network that exists both within and outside of the Centre. Women come to the Centre to access help for their problems, build their self-confidence and learn new skills in an environment that encourages socialising, supportiveness, dignity and respect.

Our impact on the community

We support around 600 women a year, and 80 - 100 women attend the Centre daily. Women develop their own thriving community, where they feel safe to express themselves without ridicule or threat. Women experience a positive change in outlook, and feel empowered to plan for brighter futures. With barriers to education and work removed, women can connect with specialised services to meet their needs. They go on to access learning and employment, overcome adversity, and take control of their lives.

What your gift could provide


One hour of 1 to 1 support for a woman in crisis


Drop in job club where women can get advice and help to access employment


8 week course to help 6 women understand and manage feelings of anxiety

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