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Off the Record Bath and North East Somerset (OTR) improves the emotional health and wellbeing of young people. We want every young person in Bath and North East Somerset and beyond to be emotionally healthy, confident and empowered in themselves.

We provide a range of free services including counselling, listening support, youth participation, advocacy and specialist groups, support for care leavers and a LGBTQ+ focused youth group.

Why the community needs us
Our services are a true lifeline for vulnerable young people between the ages of 10 and 25 years old in the local community. We offer the only free, confidential, self-referral service in the Bath and North East Somerset area and help young people overcome issues like anxiety, anger, grief, identity crises, and more at often stressful or confusing times in their lives, such as during family breakups, when they are being bullied at school, struggling with exams, and so much more.

Our impact on the community
In 2020-21, we saw the highest ever demand for our services and helped over 2,100 young people with listening and counselling services, and a 40% rise in referrals for our services, particularly in relation to the most serious of issues such as self-harm, suicide, and breakdown in family relationships. 

Our aim is to help vulnerable young people transform their lives for the better and help them play a key part in a stronger, more positive community of tomorrow.

What your gift could provide


buys a young person the chance to be heard in a listening support session


buys a counselling session for a young person in crisis


keeps our doors open longer to help more young people in need

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